Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The bubble

The hockey cage known as the bubble thrived in the early 90's. Worn by such NCAA champions as Boston University in 1995. The on ice swag has been determined by cages for years. Since their creation in the late 70's they have provided many players from losing their teeth and their appeal to the ladies. Other than this protection cages have provided a player with a new form of style.

 All players focus on how they look on the ice whether they admit it or not. If you had the bubble you were on top of your swag game. The cage typical was paired with a ccm helmet about 10 years ago. The bubble cage is still in circulation but helmets have become so modern it is difficult to rock it with good style. I have attempted pairing it with an rbk helmet but it just isn't the same.

For example we can look at a picture I found on flickr. Someone has totally neglected the rules of swag and decided to put the bubble, a piece of hockey art, on a new S9 Easton helmet. Separately each piece of equipment is fantastic, but together they disgrace those who focus so dearly on how they look on the ice. The bubble is an amazing cage but it is time for us to pack it up, maybe display it with pride in your home, but never wear it with anything other than ccm helmets from the 90's.