Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving on up

My assignment for class tomorrow is to find a blog that relates to my own blog and comment about it. So I quickly returned to a certain blogger that my teacher discovered for me a while back. This blogger is James Myrtle who writes out of Toronto. James is a sports desk staffer at The Globe and Mail and is a regular contributor to newspapers. So I was saddened to find this farewell post from October. Not a big deal? Well your right. Once I read past the title of the blog it turns out he is moving on to bigger and better things.

James now has the official title of manage of NHL blogs. His new blog called From the Rink is in my opinion the best thing that has happened to the blogging world. It has everything a hockey blogger could dream of. Many team's have their own individual blogger and all the videos and polls I saw were actually of interest. This is great for the hockey world and I can only hope for this to keep growing in interest. The only thing missing from James is a comment here or there about a players dirty style...meaning their good they look.