Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving on up

My assignment for class tomorrow is to find a blog that relates to my own blog and comment about it. So I quickly returned to a certain blogger that my teacher discovered for me a while back. This blogger is James Myrtle who writes out of Toronto. James is a sports desk staffer at The Globe and Mail and is a regular contributor to newspapers. So I was saddened to find this farewell post from October. Not a big deal? Well your right. Once I read past the title of the blog it turns out he is moving on to bigger and better things.

James now has the official title of manage of NHL blogs. His new blog called From the Rink is in my opinion the best thing that has happened to the blogging world. It has everything a hockey blogger could dream of. Many team's have their own individual blogger and all the videos and polls I saw were actually of interest. This is great for the hockey world and I can only hope for this to keep growing in interest. The only thing missing from James is a comment here or there about a players dirty style...meaning their good they look.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The bubble

The hockey cage known as the bubble thrived in the early 90's. Worn by such NCAA champions as Boston University in 1995. The on ice swag has been determined by cages for years. Since their creation in the late 70's they have provided many players from losing their teeth and their appeal to the ladies. Other than this protection cages have provided a player with a new form of style.

 All players focus on how they look on the ice whether they admit it or not. If you had the bubble you were on top of your swag game. The cage typical was paired with a ccm helmet about 10 years ago. The bubble cage is still in circulation but helmets have become so modern it is difficult to rock it with good style. I have attempted pairing it with an rbk helmet but it just isn't the same.

For example we can look at a picture I found on flickr. Someone has totally neglected the rules of swag and decided to put the bubble, a piece of hockey art, on a new S9 Easton helmet. Separately each piece of equipment is fantastic, but together they disgrace those who focus so dearly on how they look on the ice. The bubble is an amazing cage but it is time for us to pack it up, maybe display it with pride in your home, but never wear it with anything other than ccm helmets from the 90's.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Peace and Love

So i've found it, the one thing you are sure never to see again in a hockey game. Yes there is also a fight taking place but lets take a look at this remarkable display of affection for the opposing team. Looks like there is a soft side to even those dominating the sport of hockey.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My posts

The kind of posts you may see from me in the future may consist of obscure information. For example we can take a look at Clay Travis's blogging at Deadspin. It is all about the NHL and current news that he has written, one post that I would hope to be able to mimic in type of content in the future. The post is about hockey players with bigger heads having more penalty minutes. A very intriguing topic and guaranteed to be original. I strive to be this unique with my own blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Sure I could have named my hockey blog after my favorite NHL team, a play off the word puck, and even a more known aspect of hockey like the slap shot. Instead I choose the single best part of hockey. A part that is not recognized as much as a sweet diddle by Zetterburg or as much as a half kneeling snap shot by Ovechkin but a part that will absolutely send the crowd into a roar, a hip check.
There may be some general statistics on hitting and being a basher out there but not nearly as popular as a snipe or a fine twiner. Leading to the point of my naming
the blog Hip Check Hockey. It is named this because the blog wont be focusing on statistics but rather on things like your swag on the ice. I will post my personal opinions on things like hockey equiptment and anything else that is not swamping the headlines of ESPN. You can count on me for anything hockey but I will try and stay away from main stream as possible.