Monday, September 15, 2008


Sure I could have named my hockey blog after my favorite NHL team, a play off the word puck, and even a more known aspect of hockey like the slap shot. Instead I choose the single best part of hockey. A part that is not recognized as much as a sweet diddle by Zetterburg or as much as a half kneeling snap shot by Ovechkin but a part that will absolutely send the crowd into a roar, a hip check.
There may be some general statistics on hitting and being a basher out there but not nearly as popular as a snipe or a fine twiner. Leading to the point of my naming
the blog Hip Check Hockey. It is named this because the blog wont be focusing on statistics but rather on things like your swag on the ice. I will post my personal opinions on things like hockey equiptment and anything else that is not swamping the headlines of ESPN. You can count on me for anything hockey but I will try and stay away from main stream as possible.


O'Leary said...

I like it. It catches attention, and its interesting. Definitely a good first post.

loonyhiker said...

This was really interesting because I live in South Carolina now after growing up in New York watching the Rangers. Hockey is not a big sport down here and we even tried having a minor league team but not enough fans to support it. Keep on writing about it for those of us who miss it!